The Shoot-Out for 2022 is into its 8th annual benefit for the PA Wounded Warriors, Inc. put on by Little Harbor, Lost 8 Hunt Clubs and Larry's Creek Fish & Hunt Club in Lycoming County in north central Pennsylvania.  Our goal is to raise funds to help the PA Wounded Warriors, Inc in their efforts to support Pennsylvania's veterans, and their families, with payments such as mortgage/rent, security deposits, utilities, home/vehicle repair, and medical and educational expenses not covered under current government programs. 

100% of your registration fees and any money collected the day of the event goes directly to the PA Wounded Warriors Inc. 

***As of our 5th annual Shoot-Out, June 20, 2019, we have now raised more for Pennsylvania veterans and their families through the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Inc than any other event in the state of PA!!!!!  THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE PARTICIPATED!!!! 2020 we didn't get to hold our event in person, we supplemented the best we could with a fantastic 10 gun raffle raising almost $15,000!


Our motto at The Shoot-Out is, "We want to have their backs, since they've always had ours." We do that by partnering with the PA Wounded Warriors Inc. because they are not affiliated with nor a part of any national organization, they rely on support by generous donations from individuals, local, civic and business groups, schools, churches and individual veterans' organizations. They do not use a paid telemarketer, direct mail, or fundraising consultant, which allows their volunteers to dedicate their time completely to helping our wounded warriors and veterans in crisis transition through difficult times. You can be assured that for every $1.00 donated, $0.96 assists a Pennsylvania Veteran and Family.


Need help? Call PAWW INC. at 1-855-729-9435 or go directly to their website  www.pawoundedwarriors.org to find assistance closest to you.  

PA Wounded Warriors Inc provided over $1.83M in assistance to over 12,000 Pennsylvania veterans and their families.

PA Wounded Warriors Inc is an independent statewide non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and as such, all money donated is tax exempt.

Meeting Robert Klinger was a life changing experience for Dan, and he wanted to find a way to help our veterans.  Ask him sometime to tell you the story of this brave soldier.